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Sponsor our Shelter Cats 

At AFOC, we have a diverse range of cats, some of whom may not yet be ready for adoption. Some of them require special care that extends their journey to finding a forever home. Your support can make a monumental difference in these cats lives. You can help by sponsoring them until they find their perfect match, or by supporting their special needs care.  Sponsorships also serve as meaningful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or as memorials to cherished individuals or pets. Sponsorships can be ONE TIME or MONTHLY donation. Every dollar helps!

You have the option to sponsor a specific cat close to your heart or contribute to a general sponsorship that benefits multiple cats in our care. Your sponsorship provides AFOC with essential funding for necessities such as food, veterinary care, enrichment, and a nurturing environment for all our residents.




Last Winter Breena came to us after a life of knowing only the outdoors. She was understandably scared but our team knew she would settle once she knew she was safe. Breen has blended into her room of room mates so well, but still is hesitant of hands and people reaching at her. We see some potential with this sweet girl as she does like treats, catnip and playing with wand toys. She even has a sweet relationship with her bunk friend Ziggy that we all just adore!
She needs a patient family to love her for her beautiful curious personality and who will help her blossom from the past she once knew. Breena has been good with all the cats in her room - so she may be a great addition to a multi cat home with calm kitties!

-Litter box Trained
-Faithful to her scratching post
-Shy but sweet
-Spayed, up to date on vaccines
-ready to adopt today

Come meet this shelter favorite by calling Animal Friends of CT.
860 225-1339/


Dawnie was found in a colony of 10 cats living in an abandoned building in Hartford. She is curious about people and will approach to sniff a finger but can't be petted by them.


Fernely came to the shelter in 2023. She is a very shy all black girl with an adorable round face. She is cautious about her interaction with people. The volunteers are working to help her become more comfortable with people.



Jane is a very pretty calico with a white bib. She was found as an older kitten hiding under the porch at the shelter. Jane was rescued beyond the critical window of socialization. She will allow limited interaction with volunteers and will engage in play but is still people shy and has lived at the shelter since 2020.


Little Red is an orange boy who has lived at the shelter since 2014. He gets along with his shelter mates but is too shy to be adopted.


Mulan came to the shelter when she was rescued with her kitten. Her kitten became socialized and was adopted, but Mulan is still not sure about people and has been at our shelter since 2023. She acts as a surrogate mom to some of the younger cats and protects them from strangers.



Trinity was found on the campus of Trinity College wandering around. Trinity is very cautious around people, but she loves Arnold, another cat, who is a resident in her room and often the two of them are seen cuddling together.


Arnold came to the shelter in 2019. He is still shy. He is often seen out in his room cuddled up with his favorite girl cat friend, Trinity. They make a cute couple at the shelter. The volunteers love to see them together.


Calvin came to us from a feral colony in June 2023. He was trapped and brought in because he was not doing well in the colony. He is learning to accept people after a tough life on the streets and we are hopeful with time and patience he may come around.


Ellie came to the shelter in 2016 with her litter of kittens with her. At the time Ellie had a wound of unknown origin and so she and her kittens had to be in quarantine away from interaction with people so she never became people social. Ellie is often seen with her daughter Elsa grooming each other.


Fluff is a stiking cat with a "phantom of the opera" mask markings. She was bonded with two other cats at the shelter who were adopted but Fluff never came around to be adoptable. She has been in the shelter since 2014.


Gloria, came to the shelter in 2015 as an older kittens. She has two siblings who look very much alike. They have not been selected for adaption because they are bashful around people and stay hidden until the volunteer sets down the food and then leaves the room.


Jess is an all black cat, she is fearful of people and so she stays hidden in fact you may not be aware she exists because she is so good at hiding.




Rufus is a very handsome cat with aquamarine color eyes. He does not like interactions with people and has never been pet-able even by our experienced volunteers. When things are quiet at the shelter he will come out of hiding. He has been at the shelter since 2016



Bitsy is one of our absolutely stunning "spirit cats". A spirit cat is one who may not want human socialization, sitting on your lap or pets - but will be there adoring you from a distance and appreciating your company. In the right environment it is not uncommon for spirit cats to make progress - however, it depends on the cat and the relationship they share with their adopter. Bitsy is still getting used to humans and will shy away from people she doesn't know and does not enjoy being petted or touched. Bitsy would love to join your home if you will open your heart and home to her.

Come meet this shelter favorite by calling Animal Friends of CT.
860 225-1339/


Charity is a cat with beautiful markings, she has been at the shelter for several years. She has outlived some of her former roommate friends. She never became comfortable enough with people to become adoptable. She is friends with Greta one of her roommates.


Elsa like her brother Evan he had to be quarantined when his mother came in with a wound of unknown origin and had to be quarantined for several weeks missing the opportunity for real socialization. Elsa has lived at the shelter since she was a kitten in 2016.


Garret is sponsored.


Greta has an adorable face. She was trapped, spayed and brought to the shelter in hopes that she would become social enough for a home but unfortunately she is cat social but not trusting of people. She is friends with Charity.


Lark is a very shy tuxedo who was found as an older kitten with Jane on the shelter property. Two of her littermates became people social and were adopted but LArk and her sister Jane remained too shy for adoption. Lark loves to sit high in a tower and carefully watch visitors to her room from a high perch.



Papa an older cat was rescued from a feral colony where he was being beat up by other cats in the colony. His tattered look shows his life on the streets wasn't easy. He was brought in for his safety.


Serena Smith has been at the shelter since 2020. She is friends with her roomie Lark. She is afraid of people which unfortunately has made her an unlikely candidate for adoption.


Ziggy is our unofficial doorman. His window that looks right out onto the Shelter entrance door. He is a handsome white cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Ziggy is not people social, but he does get along with his roommate cats.


Breena is a petite tuxedo cat and very shy. She will cautiously approach to sniff a finger but is cautious about more. She needs someone who has patience, time and a lot of love before adoption can be considered.


Cherise is a young gorgeous female tortie who came to AFOC last year after living outside. She was so so scared when she was rescued but after months with us she settled down a bit and even made friends with two kittens! Soon after though, the time came for them to be adopted and Cherise found herself feeling lonely again. Since then, Cherise co exists with the others in her room but hasn't connected again with any friends.

Cherise has come to learn a routine with us where she's more than happy to take a churu lickable snack with some mumbles but outside of that she just really prefers to stay to herself. (Little lady has her own schedule she has to stick too). Our team loves her for the beautiful, independent girl she is but we all want to see her thriving in a home. She loves window watching, warm beds, churu snacks and napping. We very much so see that she is one of those cats who doesn't ask much of anyone and appreciates just having a space to be and settle. Earlier this year We sadly found out that Cherise has early kidney disease but requires no special care at this time just monitoring. Her only request is if you can take her foundation to her new home and make sure she's got some tasty canned food!

What she needs: A space to relax that's quiet in which she can feel at home. A care giver or family that understands her and will be patient and supportive (no forced interactions). Someone that would love to give her lickup treats on occasion .Based on our experience with her, we suggest a home with no small children or dogs would be best for her future.

If you think you have a space in your heart and home for her or feel she may blend into family forever we ask that you please contact us via email at


Evan a very handsome male, was one of Ellie's kittens and had to be in quarantine with his Mother and siblings for many weeks. His socialization window was closed therefore Evan never became very "people social" so he has been living at the Shelter since he was a kitten.


Gavin is one of three siblings that live in the same room at the shelter. They were rescued as kittens but were beyond the critical window of socialization. Therefore they have have remained leary of interaction with the volunteers. When the shelter is quiet Gavin will emerge to socialize with his siblings and sometimes play.



Liberty was found as a pregant stray at a car dealership. She gave birth to a variety "pack" of beautiful kittens of all colors including two siamese. She however is still fearful of people and will allow contact with only a very few volunteers for treats.



Peppermint was rescued after she gave birth to a litter of kittens under someone's porch. Her kittens were all socialized and adopted but Peppermint never became social enough for adoption. She is a striking long haired black cat.


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