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Areas we need help

Cat/Kitten Foster

Our baby kittens may be with or without their mothers. The choice is yours. With mothers, the kittens require very little attention as the mother cat will take care of them. Motherless kittens, less than 4 weeks old, need to be bottle fed and stimulated to potty. Kitten fostering may be up to an 8 week commitment. At 8 weeks of age, the kittens are ready for adoption. Adult cats may have other needs.

Cleaning and Caregiving

Cats are by nature clean animals and appreciate when their environment is kept clean and sanitized. We need volunteers every day for feeding and for cleaning, straightening and sanitizing rooms, including cleaning litter boxes. We put high priority on volunteers being team players and being flexible in their duties and responsibilities.

Building Maintenance

We are looking for anyone with carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing, etc. experience to help maintain our shelter in New Britain CT.

Cat Socializer

Socialization- cat socializer volunteers must have experience and the patience to work with shy, fearful cats. They must be familiar with a variety of techniques to help these cats become more confident cats who will eventually become candidates for adoption. Cat socializers must be familiar with cat body language to “read” the cat’s mood or temperament. The socializer needs the ability to leave their emotions at the door. Cats are very intuitive and know if the socializer is uneasy. A low key personality and quiet voice are important in helping the cat be at ease with the socializer.


We are looking for volunteers, with good writing skills, to help with our quarterly newsletter. Volunteers would write short stories about our adoptees in their new homes as well as our shelter cats waiting for their forever homes

Event Coordinator Volunteer

AFOC holds a number of fund-raising events during the warm months, ending with our Bake Sale in late October , but we could really use a dynamic planner and coordinator to raise monies for us during the year. If you have experience organizing fundraising programs,public relations skills , ideas and time to offer, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Event Volunteers

Assist at events, preparing, set up, clean up, ideas. Any areas you can add to help our fund raising events is appreciated!

Outdoor Maintenance

Limited outdoor maintenance as needed each season.

Transportation Volunteer

Bringing cats to vet appointments, waiting and returning cats to shelter/foster homes. Drop offs - early morning drop offs of cats to spay/neuter clinics. Pick ups- Picking up cats at an arranged time from clinics and returning them to the shelter.


Join our team at the shelter! We are constantly seeking dedicated volunteers to lend a hand.  Volunteering with us offers flexibility to fit your schedule; come as frequently or infrequently as you prefer. We welcome your support!


***Shelter volunteers must be over the age of 18 and have health insurance. Exceptions are at the discretion of the volunteer coordinator.***

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