Cats and Kittens Up For Adoption

All Animal Friends Of Connecticut shelter residents are spayed or neutered and up to date with shots prior to adoption.

If interested in adopting you must first call our shelter at 860-225-1339 for a phone interview.

Although AFOC may have kittens available for adoption, we encourage all potential adopters to consider the rewards of adopting an adult animal. Many young adult animals are full of energy and youthfulness yet beyond the early stages of housebreaking and chewing. Many middle age animals can provide wonderful companionship without the demands of early training. Evidence shows that adult animals are able to bond with a new adoptive family that provides a secure, loving environment. Some adjustment is always needed when a pet is taken to a new home, but can be facilitated by knowing the cat may be already house trained, respects certain rules, and may even be happy to demonstrate the tricks it learned in its previous home. Discovering these little personality traits can be so much fun and ever so rewarding.


Of course kittens have boundless energy,are highly entertaining, and greatly desired. Please keep in mind that kittens grow into cats very quickly. The choice is yours and the most important thing is being ready to make a commitment to providing a "forever home" for the newest member of your family.

Adopters are encouraged to speak to AFOC about the availability and compatibility of our adoptable cats and kittens.
Please call us at 860-225-1339
 to learn more about that cat of kitten that has caught your eye!

Curtis - ADOPTED

Curtis was recently adopted.

Enjoy your forever home Curtis!

Curtis, a friendly cat to adopt from the Animal Friends of Connecticut No-Kill Shelter


Poppy was recently adopted.

Enjoy your forever home Poppy!

2021 Kitten Season!

Every year we are called to rescue and find homes for kittens and their mothers. We have many young mothers and their litters in our shelter and in AFOC foster homes until the kittens are old enough to be adopted. This is a very dynamic situation as we are taking reservations, adopting them out, and taking in new ones frequently. Many of the kittens pictured may already have been reserved or adopted but we have many more coming into our shelter and our foster care.  Most of the latest pictures and information is on our Facebook pages (both the official AFOC and those of our volunteers, and our director George).  Please call our shelter at 860-225-1339 or our director George at 860-693-0303 if you are interested in our kittens and or their mothers.


Make a Difference Today

To start the adoption process, please call our shelter at 860-225-1339 for a phone interview.

In some cases, as in kittens and cats in our foster homes, we will direct you to call George at 860-693-0303.

Thank you for choosing to adopt a cat or kitten from us.

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