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Cherise is a young gorgeous female tortie who came to AFOC last year after living outside. She was so so scared when she was rescued but after months with us she settled down a bit and even made friends with two kittens! Soon after though, the time came for them to be adopted and Cherise found herself feeling lonely again. Since then, Cherise co exists with the others in her room but hasn't connected again with any friends.

Cherise has come to learn a routine with us where she's more than happy to take a churu lickable snack with some mumbles but outside of that she just really prefers to stay to herself. (Little lady has her own schedule she has to stick too). Our team loves her for the beautiful, independent girl she is but we all want to see her thriving in a home. She loves window watching, warm beds, churu snacks and napping. We very much so see that she is one of those cats who doesn't ask much of anyone and appreciates just having a space to be and settle. Earlier this year We sadly found out that Cherise has early kidney disease but requires no special care at this time just monitoring. Her only request is if you can take her foundation to her new home and make sure she's got some tasty canned food!

What she needs: A space to relax that's quiet in which she can feel at home. A care giver or family that understands her and will be patient and supportive (no forced interactions). Someone that would love to give her lickup treats on occasion .Based on our experience with her, we suggest a home with no small children or dogs would be best for her future.

If you think you have a space in your heart and home for her or feel she may blend into family forever we ask that you please contact us via email at

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